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Say Goodbye to Cleaning Frustrations

Are you tired of cleaning services that promise the world but fall short on delivery? Ever felt like you're just another name on a long list with no personal touch? And let's not forget those sky-high prices that make you think twice about booking.

We believe that nobody needs the hassle of dealing with a company that talks in riddles instead of straight-up answers or has a cleaning crew that lacks motivation. And let's face it, it's frustrating when you're left wondering if your needs even matter.

At B's Detailed Cleaning, we understand your frustrations, and we're here to change the game. We're all about quality service, a personal touch, prices that won't break the bank, happy employees, clear communication, and making YOU the star of the show.

Quality Excellence

Impeccable attention to detail for spaces that truly shine. Elevate your environment with our meticulous touch.

Personalized Care

Tailored service that puts you first. Experience Barbara's personal touch for a cleaning experience like no other.

Affordable Price

Exceptional results without breaking the bank. Enjoy top-notch cleaning at prices that fit your budget perfectly.

Happy Employees

Our team's satisfaction means superior service for you. Trust in our motivated staff for a sparkling clean every time.

Clear Communication

No surprises, just transparency. Stay informed at every step with our open and crystal clear approach to communication.

Client-Centric Focus

No red flags here. Count on us to understand and exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our mission.

Jared G.

"Amazing quality of service, they are great people who genuinely want to help. I had called another place and that person was super rude to me, but Barbara was very enthusiastic about helping me and made time for me that very day! A real life saver. These are humble and kind professionals. Thank you very much!"

Temecula, CA, March 7th, 2024